On Witches and Midwives

Why have midwives been linked to witches in European history? by Helen King and Tania McIntosh What is your image of the midwife? For many people today, it’s the one we see in the long-running BBC drama Call the Midwife, about to enter its seventh series. This drama began as a fictional reworking of the … Read more

New journal article on Fear, Risk, and Caesarean Sections

We are pleased to hear about a new article in Public Health on “Fear, Risk, and the Responsible Choice: Risk Narratives and Lowering the Rate of Caesarean Sections in High-income Countries”. The article was written by Helga Hallgrimsdottir, Leah Shumka, Catherine Althaus, and Cecilia Benoit and can be accessed below. Please share widely and feel … Read more